… health is the ability to stand in the spaces between realities without losing any of them – the capacity to feel like one self while being many.      -Philip Bromberg 1998


 • individual & couples therapy

 • clinical consultation

   fees listed below


individual & couples therapy


In my work with individuals and couples, I keep seeing how much our well-being depends on feeling close and connected with important others, and with ourselves. Our capacity to be soothed and to soothe ourselves is also key.  For this reason, I focus our work on your attachments, and your capacity to hold and calm yourself.  For couples, this includes your capacity to hold and soothe both your selves and each other. 


I am mostly a present-oriented practitioner, by which I mean that I start and return to present experience, working with past experiences as they arise.  Our tasks are to learn what empowers you and what derails you; what is disruptive, and what is soothing for you, and empower you to move between these states.


I will listen well, and be fully present with you, so that we both - or all three of us -  can develop an explicit and felt-sense of what it is like to live in your skin/s and with each other.  Our therapy relationship is an especially important source and resource in individual work.  As these experiences become explicit, they also become more malleable, and shifts will begin to take place.


I welcome: 
• queer, same-sex, and heterosexual couples
• individual adults    
• people who have tried therapy before without success. 

I see a variety of people about a variety of troubles. Clients come to see me about 
•interpersonal conflict or distance            

•disabling anxiety         

•personality-disorder traits                        

•mood problems           

•chronic medical conditions     

I find this work quite gratifying because I see, hear, and experience people changing in ways that make a difference in their quality of lives.

clinical consultation

I am pleased when I get to have the opportunity to support colleagues, both peers and newer therapists, in this work.  In consultation, I listen for and help you develop your own voice and presence, even as I offer my perspective and experience of what you bring.  I hope we can develop positive collaboration that inspires mutuality in our work with clients.

fees and insurance

For individual therapy, my fee is $175 for our first meeting, and then $150 for a standard 45-50-minute session.  When needed, we can arrange for a longer session. 


With couples, I prefer extended sessions of 70 minutes. The fee for these extended sessions is $225.00.  

I am eligible for out-of-network benefits from any insurance company which provides an out-of-network benefit, and, for the time being, I am on the First Choice Health Network insurance panel.