Here is some information about me and my psychotherapy practice.


As I see things, some of our basic needs are for relational safety, connection to others, understanding, and acceptance.  For many, these have been scarce, inadequate, and hard to access, and we may continue to live this way even after we have grown and our circumstances have changed.  Over time we may harden around this scarcity, making it more difficult to take in what is available, or to offer it to others.


Psychotherapy can help us to recognize how we get in our own way ... and also when things go well, and are satisfying.  This takes careful attention to our experiences in our bodies, feelings, responses to others. 


Not surprisingly, it takes a relationship to find and heal challenges which are born of relationships. Healing relationships are relatively safe, responsive and attentive relationships which include, but are not limited to therapy relationships. 


I find it very satisfying to walk with people on their various paths to more enriching relationships and lives.

Many forms of therapy can be helpful, and so I draw on several.  I describe these more

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