Jenny Gardon, LICSW Psychotherapist
Welcome ....  new website coming late August 2017

Welcome to my website!  I set up this website to give you an online introduction to me and what I offer.  I hope to answer a few questions you might have about psychotherapy in general and what it might be like to work with me in particular.  Of course this is not a substitute for meeting.  If it seems to you we might be a good match, let’s meet and consider working together in person.

I believe that many forms of therapy can be helpful, and so I draw on several.  My approach to psychotherapy is a hybrid of new and old practices.  I describe these more on the background page of this website. My current practice is in combining the findings  of neuroscience and attachment research to create healing in psychotherapy, and in couple and family relationships

In my work with individuals and couples, I keep seeing how much our well-being depends on our feeling close and connected with important others, with ourselves, and also on our capacity to be soothed.  For this reason, I focus our work on both your attachments, and your capacity to hold and calm yourself.  I will listen to you well, and be fully present with you, so that we both  -  or for couples, all three of us -  can develop an explicit and felt-sense of what it is like to live in your skin.  As these experiences become explicit, they also become more malleable, and shifts will begin to take place.

I see a variety of people about a variety of troubles. I welcome:
•same-sex and heterosexual couples

•adults individually   
•people who have tried therapy before without success.

Clients come to see me about
•interpersonal conflict or distance             •disabling anxiety          •depression 
•personality-disorder traits                         •mood problems            •chronic medical conditions  
•heightened vulnerability to medical problems. 

I find this work quite gratifying because I get to see, hear, and experience people changing in ways that make a difference in their quality of life.

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